Face to Face Coaching

Unfortunately, our face to face coaching service is currently not available, we hope to resolve this shortly.

We offer face to face coaching at your location at a time to suit you. 

Most sessions last about 3 hours but we plan from 2-4 hours (extending to 5-6 hours when more athletes are present). 

Our sessions start off with an informal discussion to discuss what you are wanting to achieve from the session, as well as identifying issues that you are looking to get addressed.   We also discusses any medical issues you may have because safety is our number one priority and we will seek to gain permissions (or not) to film and take photos where required. 

On some occasions we may send out a questionnaire to you before hand, this gives us a good insight as to what you may need to work on, but please be assured we do listen to you! 

Now its time to have a little shoot.  We will get you to perform an assessment drill that is relevant to you and your range.  The drill selected has a multitude of different uses.  Firstly it gets you warmed up and breaks that introductory barrier (you know what its like when you meet a stranger for the first time) but most importantly it allows us to observe you as a shooter.  We may take photos and video during this as well as keeping notes. 

When the exercise is finished, we take a break and discuss how it went but also what we have seen to work on.  From here we create a structured plan for the session and basically crack on with it! 

We ensure that our sessions are paced well, we take regular breaks.  This ensures that you, the athlete, do not get too tired too quickly.  It also allows us to ensure that you are happy with everything and can see the progress going forwards.  These are the reasons we don’t operate on an hourly basis! 

Its easy to book with us or to find out further information, just send us a message!