Bisley 2019 – Our Final Assortment of Tips and Tricks

As Bisley starts in less than 12 hours, we are providing our last installment of our little “Bisley 2019 Series”. These tips and tricks are to help you, some may not work but they are based on our combination of 63 years of shooting experience. There’s also a few little fun tips in there too!

If you think we are missing any, we would love to hear them in the comments 🙂

Take a photo of your squadding and set it as your home screen image, saves you trying to look for it later on

Keep a pen/marker with your clips, in case you forget to mark up your targets, or give/receive a cross-shot

Take photos of your targets, that way you can always reflect on them afterwards.

When taking note of your scores, note the best and worst the card can be

Don’t be afraid to challenge, mistakes happen and its always better to loose £2 than a placing/trophy

If you do challenge and win, make sure all your scores, for that card, get updated

When challenging, you can always ask to see a gauge in a target, even if its already been gauged.  Note that if the isn’t a clear error, you probably won’t be able to get a gauged shot changed, but its good for your peace of mind

When collecting unshot targets, sort them into target, backer, target, backer in stats, its easier to do it there than it is at the back of the firing point when its windy

Write your name across the top of your target, that way you know you’ve set your scope up on the right target.

Take a few moments to check your alignment at the start of the detail, this way you are less likely to cross-shoot

Make sure you get to your firing point in plenty of time.

Always dry off your kit as soon as possible after it gets wet

Keep your barrel out of the sun when waiting to shoot

Try keep the grass out of your gun case

Keep some carb based snacks in your kit bag (tracker bar types)

Always take a drink with you (water or isotonic drinks)

Remember that a lot of the staff running stats are new to the job, give them chance to get things (like publishing scores) completed

Don’t be an ass and try get on the firing point before the previous shooter has cleared the point.

When leaving a point, don’t mess about and take your time clearing your kit, get your kit off and then pick up your empties if you haven’t done so already

When shooting, put your kit at the back of the firing point but far enough under cover should it start to rain, try not to trip up the range officers though.

If its sunny, wear sunglasses or a hat to shade your eyes a little before your detail starts

If your drop a live round, retrieve it as soon as possible after shooting as soon as it is safe to do so.  If you cannot find the round, let a Range Officer know

Stay still laid on the firing point if the person next to you is still shooting, if you need to get up, then time it so they are loading when you do so

If you get up from the firing point in a detail, don’t dance around or start a conversation at the back – people are probably still shooting

If you get into position and it doesn’t feel right, get up and back down again

If you think you need a pee before the detail starts, go for one, the last thing you will want is the urge to go during a detail

Range officers are much happier if you supply them with sweets, especially the RO named Passey.

If you need assistance/the range officer, put your hand up and wait, if an RO doesn’t see you, a spectator will and will probably help get an RO’s attention

Watch your step when walking out to put your targets up, its not the easiest terrain to walk on

If you are on a detail that has to move target frames, pull them out of the holes, flip them over and drag the legs on the ground, its much easier this way if you ask me

If you are unable to move your frame due to a disability etc then ask the RO for some help

You can have a great deal of fun with people when it comes to discussing scores.  When asked “how did you get on” reply “Well, I was working on this and that and I achieved my goals, so I’m happy” or “I was working on my goal for that session and it wasn’t quite coming together, but I can work on that again this afternoon”. Most shooters are hunting for scores when they ask this question – stick with the goals until they either give in asking or start asking “but what did you score”, its just entertaining!

Don’t feel pressured if you get asked to shoot for a team and don’t want to, its your decision at the end of the day

If you get selected for a team and nerves begin to hit, just remember that you have already done the hard work by getting in the team in the first place

Don’t look at the scores of competitions you haven’t shot yet, this just gets a score fixed in your head and can distract your shooting. If you need to check a score, you can always ask someone to do it for you

Finally, enjoy yourself!

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