Introducing the Anatomy of a Coach

In the second part of our coaches series we are looking at the anatomy of a coach.  Coaches come in all shapes and sizes, there is no perfect coach as every coach has unique characteristics and each athlete has different requirements.  Just look at Jose Mourinho and his spell at Manchester United (this is written in Oct 2018).  There is no doubt that Mourinho is a great coach, he has worked with the most talented footballers in the world and won many domestic and international competitions yet for some reason he hasn’t managed to quite work his magic at Manchester United to date.  Although they have won 2 competitions in their first season, he is currently in his third season and has lost matches that they should have arguably won.  The first instinct is to call him a bad/poor coach but is he? Or is there a missing factor that left with Ferguson back in 2013.  The exploration of the Anatomy of a Coach is to give an idea of what an athlete should look for when choosing a coach to work with, and inspire coaches to be the best that they can be.

When running squad based activities, one of the first tasks I undertake is a “drawing class” where I as the coach leave the room and allow the squad/team to draw what their ideal coach looks like, extenuating some features to show their importance.  For example, big ears for a good listener, a watch for being on time etc.

Why don’t you take a few moments now to draw your ideal coach.

Not the most attractive person but that’s not what we are considering right now so lets start to explore the anatomy of a coach.  As exploring the anatomy of a coach is lengthy, we are going to separate it into weekly segments that are easy for the reader to digest.

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  1. Going to share more on this subject? I’m sure you might be witholding some of your jucier ideas, but I for one, like hearing them :)|

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