A Challenge for 2019

As 2019 is just around the corner, I have a challenge for shooting athletes around the world.

Can you go through 2019 without buying a new piece of equipment?

We find that many shooters are all too happy to purchase new equipment thinking that they will solve their shooting issues when most of the time, after the “shiny kit” honeymoon period has ended, performances haven’t always improved. By undertaking our #nokit2019 challenge we are hoping that athletes realise that it isn’t always about having the latest and newest equipment, good technique plays an all too important role in shooting performances.

The rules!
You are not allowed to purchase any new equipment with the exception of replacing broken or worn out equipment (if you want to be hardcore, you should replace the broken/worn out kit with exactly the same item).
You are free to modify any piece of equipment.
You can make your own equipment (such as replacement cheek pieces/pistol grips)

Interested? sign up to our #nokit2019 Challenge using our sign up page. We will send out periodical hints, tips and coupon codes to help you through the year.

Good Luck and keep us informed with how you are getting on in 2019!

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  1. Ha I’ve only had 2 rifles (with sights they came with) and 2 jackets in the last 25 years this should be easy 🙂
    It’s such a lot of effort changing things 😬

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