A New Year – 365 New Opportunities

A new year brings us 365 opportunities. Let us look at what we can do to make the most of those opportunities and start your year in good stead.

Many of us (me included) use the start of a new year as the time to make changes in our lives as well as gives a motivational boost to try to improve our training productivity. However, many of us will fail to keep our new year’s resolution going. The significant day being what is known as Quitters Day. Quitter’s day is on the second Friday of January, so 11th January in 2019 and is when most people will have quit their new year’s resolutions. If you can make it until the 8th of March you are more likely to stick with those resolutions as it takes about 66 days to form new habits that stick or to change your behaviors. Turning your new year’s resolution into goals can help, just make sure the goals are SMARTER!

The reason for me writing this quick post is more to do with giving you pointers for have a healthy and productive start to your 2019 shooting year. So here goes

Before you head out back onto the range, have a cleaning and maintenance session with your equipment. Give your gun an appropriate strip clean (as long as you are confident in doing so). Think of this as your annual overhaul and take your time. Degrease and re-grease parts, scrub the barrel checking for damage, wear and tear as you go. Another important task to consider undertaking is to loosen and tighten the screws on your kit (do one at a time and obviously don’t go messing with things like trigger screws). This ensures that it’s not liable to come loose during training or a match, likewise it’s ensuring the screw isn’t seized.

Its also a good idea to consider performing this task on other pieces of equipment, a sling being a prime example here.

If you find something damaged, be sure to replace it as soon as possible (this is allowed in our NoKit2019 Challenge)

When you get back on the range to shoot, go back to basics. Your first session should be a relaxed one with the focus on ensuring your shooting position is working functionally and effectively (making sure those extra mince pies haven’t interfered with your shooting position 😉 ). Don’t worry about shooting for a score (you shouldn’t anyhow) but rather pay attention to how your positions feel as well as how the gun reacts to the dynamics of shooting. Once you have ensured your position is functional, move on to process based training being sure to assess where you are now, and that your current starting point aligns with your goals and training plans. If it doesn’t (I.E. you’ve regressed somewhere) spend a couple of sessions or more getting back to where you where you should be. Not sure where your performance currently is, consider taking us up on one of our athlete assessments which are available for purchase from our shop.

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