Yes you read that right, we are offering some FREE COACHING!

At Big Bang Sports, we aim to give a whole, rounded approach to our coaching services. We are not only experts in coaching but can offer fitness/personal training, injury management & recovery, nutrition and much much more. We have undertaken high quality education and obtained extensive qualifications to support the work we undertake. Some people like to let us know that our face doesn’t fit but there is no doubt that we certainly know our stuff and have the professional qualifications to support the services we offer.

Coach Michelle is furthering her education yet again in the Autumn of 2019 by undertaking a Masters (MSc) in Sport Psychology. Michelle has previously covered sport psychology for sports coaching in her Foundation and Bachelors degrees however she is wishing to brush up her skills in preparation for her Masters degree.

What this means is that we are offering 2 lucky people the chance to work with Michelle and receive FREE COACHING for the summer season. The coaching will be focused around your mental game , helping you better deal with performing in competitions.

Sport psychology is defined as “the study of how psychology influences sport, & athletic performance.” It can help athletes with enhancing performance, development of mental strategies, help in dealing with the pressures of competitions and support athletes in reaching their full potential.

The coaching will involve assessing various psychological factors, training to understand and use the most appropriate sport psychology tools for you, developing your psychological training plan and supporting you along the way throughout the 2019 summer shooting season.

Why are we doing this? Firstly, because we are actually nice people! and we want to help shooters out, but mainly as a psychology focused exercise in preparation for Michelle’s Masters degree.

Whats the catch? There isn’t one really, but we are looking for senior prone shooters, ideally UK based, with aspirations to shoot their socks off in the 2019 summer season.

What else should I know? A few things, firstly we are not “sports psychologists” but we are coaches trained to use sport psychology tools for the purpose of sports coaching.
There is no set selection procedure – there is no point in trying to be a smart ass on the application form. We have an idea of the candidate qualities we are looking to work with.
All the information provided will be confidential.
We will let you know if you have been successful or not in your application.
Entries close on 31 March 2019

To apply for our free sports psychology coaching for the summer 2019 season, please complete the form on this link.

If you have any further questions meanwhile, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  1. I would really love to get some coaching for my Air Rifle shooting, to help me get back to shooting after having surgery on my shoulder which has cost me most of this season, but you might (will need to) take a trip to Guernsey. Please help.
    Thank You

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