Bisley 2019 – Equipment You Will Probably Need

To start off our Bisley 2019 series, we are going to take a short look at some recommended equipment you might need in addition to your general shooting equipment.

There are a number of items we would recommend in addition to your shooting kit in order to make your Bisley experience more enjoyable.  All links provided are our Amazon affiliate links, these are for your convenience and don’t cost any more to use, however if you do use the links and purchase any of these items, it helps to support the work we do and we are extremely grateful!

Be sure to check back as we may update items on this list during the build up to Bisley 2019

Bulldog Clips

We recommend the Rapesco 70mm clips.  I’ve personally used these clips for many years without issues.  I do like the long clips as well and use them alongside the Rapesco ones but they don’t seem to be easily available much any more.

As a bear minimum, 16 would be required – 8 on each target and backer (4 per side if the maths is troubling) however I would personally recommend having 28 or more should you experience extremely windy conditions at Bisley, and yes I have had 36 clips on a detail at Bisley week!  If you don’t have a minimum of 8 clips on your target when it is windy, then you might have issues getting a re-shoot.

I don’t think I could have put on many more clips!

Marker Pens

You will need a marker of some sort to write your firing point and detail number twice on your target and once on your backer.  Its also handy to have a couple of pens in your kit bag as well as keeping a marker and a pen with your clips (incase you forget to mark your targets or get a cross shot)

Can’t beat a sharpie for marking up your targets

Clip Storage Bag

Its much easier to have some way to store all your clips together.  Not only does it make changing targets easier, but it can also make heading out to put your targets out an efficient activity.

I personally use a a simple drawstring gym bag to store my clips and associated accessories in. 

Like this

However we’ve seen that trainer bags work well also,

Associated accessories that can go in your clip bag include pens and wedges (see below)

Stop Watch

As the details have time limits, it goes without saying that a stop watch is a must have!  Its better to have and not need than need and not have!

We recommend this type of stop watch, as it has easy to read numbers and can be positioned easily within your eyesight.

Its worth noting to avoid using your mobile phone as a stop watch.

Mini dustpan and brush

Laugh all you want at this one, but I love my mini dustpan and brush set for picking up empty cases after a detail.  This makes the process quick and easy, even for large amounts of cases.  Plus it hardly takes up any space in your kit bag!

There is no excuse for not picking up your empties!

Fishing trolley

Over the past few years, the car park at the national meeting has been further away than it used to be.  This means you have a short trek of approximately 200 yards to stats.  Carrying kit that distance can make you knackered before you’ve even started!

For this reason we’ve included “Fishing Trolley” in this list to help you take your kit from your car to the firing point.

Amazon has a range of trolleys here  we’d opt for a heavy duty one that folds!

Don’t forget bungies!

Door stops

You may see some shooters using a wooden wedge on their target frames, the reason is to straighten their frames up to a more vertical appearance.

You can go fancy

Or basic

That’s all for now, but we will update this list as we come across other items you may find useful for the week!

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