Athlete Assessment Service

Part of our process for developing our individualised training plans involves performance profiling.  Performance profiling is completed by assessing an athlete through a series of specific questions.  We understand that some athletes are happy to work on their own, however  many struggle to know what direction to progress in.  This can lead to wasting many hours of just throwing lead down the range!

We are therefore offering an Athlete Assessment Service which utilises our comprehensive profiling tool.  This in turn allows us to write an individualised analysis of your shooting performance.

How does it work? Simple!  You can purchase our Athlete Assessment Service through our online shop. Once you have purchased the service, within 24 hours you will be sent a link to our custom questionnaire for you to complete (takes approximately 40 -60 minutes to complete and must be completed with 28 days). Once this is submitted your analysis will be sent to you within 5 working days.