Check My Position!

New for November!  Check My Position!

November will see the introduction of a new YouTube Series called “Check My Position” where Coach Michelle will review submitted videos of shooters, giving hints and tips for improving your position and process.

This is a free service and is aimed at smallbore rifle shooters (prone, standing and kneeling positions).

We would like to thank our sponsors for this series who are making this possible, details of which will be released shortly!

To have your position assessed simply fill in the form below.

The important bits to consider:

This is a free service and by submitting your position, you agree to your footage being used by us in our review service and any other service we may undertake in the future.

Please only have one position per submission, you can submit three times for each position.

We are currently only reviewing smallbore shooters in the Prone, Standing and Kneeling Position.  This does however include Air Rifle.  You can be any ability of shooter.

Ensure your video is uploaded to YouTube and the link is provided (make it unlisted if you want it to be hidden from your public YouTube.  YouTube is free to use.).

Ensure your footage is stable (try and use a tripod where possible).  The best angle for us is from the side (right hand side of the shooter for right handed shooters, left hand side of the shooter for left handed shooters).

The video only needs to be short, we’d recommend about 5 shots.

Submissions by the middle (around the 18th) of the month will be considered for inclusion in that months video which will be released at the end of the month.