Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you not been offering Face to Face coaching recently?

Unfortunately, at the end of June 2018 Michelle had an accident at home (she fainted which resulted in her falling down the stairs and suffering a head injury).  As of January 2020 we are back offering face to face coaching sessions on a limited basis.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Why do you only offer a “come to you” service?

This is for a number of reasons, firstly I do not have a convenient facility to offer coaching from. Secondly, as each range differs somewhat, it is important that you are set up to best suit the facility you use the most.

Why do you not work on an hourly basis?

Each shooter is individual, they work at their own pace, tire at different rates and have different requirements and we recognise this is a fundamental part of the world of sport.

When we coach, we always aim to leave the athlete happy and confident with their session and to achieve this it may take 2 hours, it may take 4 hours (when we work with 3 or more people it could take 6 hours) therefore we do not believe it is fair to offer an hourly rate.

What is the reasoning behind your pricing?

Our prices have been devised to appropriately value the service we offer and consider:

    • The high standard of coaching we offer
    • The quality of our experience
    • The depth of our knowledge
    • The standard of our qualifications
  • The range of our skills

We also consider the value of the industry and feel our pricing appropriately reflects our position.

Why do I need coaching?

There are many reasons why you may need coaching.  Most people come to us for coaching as they want to improve their performance or have an issue they have been struggling with for some time.  Why not take us up on a 2 week training plan to see what we can offer.

Why should I use you for coaching?

If you have spent money on a top of the range rifle, then why not use top of the range coaching? no pun intended.

As we mention in the reasoning behind our pricing, we provide a comprehensive service and feel that we are a leading coaching provider.  Our extensive and diverse range of professional and vocational qualifications enables us to provide you with an individualised and comprehensive experience leading to you getting the best out of your shooting performance.

We like to think we look at you the shooter as a whole, rather than just the holes you put into paper.

I’m not an elite shooter, can I still use your services?

Of course you can!  We cater for all athletes of all abilities.  We enjoy taking athletes from grass roots to international standards!

No contact number, can I call you?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a business telephone so there’s no number to give out.  Not forgetting that if we get a signal whilst working, most ranges have a “no phones on the firing point” policy so the best way to get in touch is by using our contact page.

Send us your message using our contact page and if it will be easier to contact you by phone, we will ask for your number and we will call.  We often find that most queries can be answered by email saving time for the both of us!