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Ever been training and not been sure of what to work on?  Looking to improve your shooting but don’t want to use a coach?  Then give our Athlete Assessment Service a try!

Our athlete assessment service utilises our custom athlete profiling questionnaire to allow us to compile an individualised athlete assessment pack. Included in the profile will be an analysis of your performance as well as our advice on improving performance going forwards.

This allows the athlete to be in full control of their own training with some direction, or in other words, it will tell you where to go without actually telling you what to do (which is a service offered with our training plans).  Our assessment pack also includes pointers for how to improve all areas of your shooting.  It is designed for all levels of shooters

Once you have purchased the service, within 24 hours you will be send a link to our custom questionnaire for you to complete (to be completed within 28 days, the questionnaire is comprehensive takes approximately 40 – 60 minutes to complete). Once this is submitted your assessment pack will be sent to you within 5 working days.

All assessment packs come integrated into our mini-ebook that has pointers to improve areas of your assessment.

2 reviews for Athlete Assessment Service – Prone

  1. anon

    Extremely thorough and accurate. Gave me the advice I needed and my shooting improved dramatically. Very happy, will use again.

  2. RH

    Am using the Athlete Assessment Service. The document came back really quickly and has enabled me to target key areas to work on rather than the somewhat random system I was using previously.

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