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Improving your shooting can be a confusing and overwhelming experience.  That’s why Big Bang Sports offer Prone Rifle Training Plans.  Each training plan is uniquely developed to help shooters reach their goals.  They are ideal for those who recognise that they need help with their shooting but don’t want the added expense of a coaching session.

Our plans offer the athlete a clearly detailed training plan that includes appropriate exercises that meet their current needs.  As each plan is custom, it is adapted best suit your ability, be that a beginner or an international standard athlete.

All our plans start with our Athlete Assessment Service.  This acts as a consultation exercise and allows us to piece together your exact requirements.  Our Athlete Assessment Service is a simple (but comprehensive) questionnaire that allows us to understand your performance, from your perspective.  From there we can tailor a plan just for you.

Your plan will give detailed instructions to perform your prescribed technical and/or tactical exercises.  Each exercise has steps to make them easier or harder.  This detail combined with appropriate planning makes your training much more productive (and thus is value for money, think of all the ammunition you will save!).

Our team of highly-skilled coaches produce our training plans, so you can have confidence in your plan.

Once you have ordered your plan, you will receive a link to our Athlete Assessment Service Prone Questionnaire.  Once your questionnaire is completed we will have your training plan to you within 5 working days.



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