Training Plans

We offer training plans to suit athletes who want to work with us. At present we only offer plans for ISSF rifle events.

All our purchasable training plans are designed with the athlete at the center and with your specific needs at hand, these are not generic training plans!

How does it work?

If you are interested in a training plan from us, your first step is to complete our “pre-screening” form which can be found here.

Big Bang Sports Pre-Screening Form

When you have completed and submitted your form, we will review your submission and assess your suitability.  If we feel you are not suitable for one of our training plans we will let you know and discuss your options going forward, however, if you are suitable, we will forward an appropriate invoice payable through our payment providers secure site.  All invoices will be sent out by 12 noon (GMT) the following working day (Monday – Friday).

Once your invoice has been paid, we will forward you a link to a one time use form that is our profiling document (again by 12 noon (GMT) the following working day).  This simple questionnaire gives us an outline of you as a shooter and highlights the areas we feel you need to work on.  When this is completed, we will then issue you your own personalised training plan within 10 working days*.  Each training plan gives you structured, step by step drills allowing you to have a productive and successful training cycle.

Our advice for completing your profiling document:

  • Take photos and video of your position
  • Complete the profiling after you have had a shooting session
  • Refer to your photos and video if you need to
  • Set aside about 30-60 minutes to complete the profiling
  • Don’t worry if you aren’t sure
  • Add details where you can!

If we aren’t sure of something when we are developing your plan, we will get in touch.